How to add, edit or delete a Fishing Spot and what do they do?

Fishing Spots help you find the nearest place to fish.

Any user can add a new spot.¬†Catches don’t need to be logged at an existing spot, they can be added anywhere, but will be shown at a spot if they are caught nearby.

Open “Fishing Spots” in the app to see the nearest spots.

Pretty handy when arriving at a new destination and you need some local knowledge!

Chose between map view, satellite view and list view by pressing the arrow at the top of the page.

Nearest spot

Move the map to see more Fishing Spots nearby

You can zoom out and scroll on the map to see more spots across a larger area.

Nearby spots

Filter the map by your favourite fish


Tap the “Fish” button at the top to filter the map by species. In this example we have chosen Australian salmon. The map now shows only spots that are associated with that species.

Australian salmon fishing spots

Create spots of your own

By pressing the + sign at the top right of the screen you can create a new spot of your own.

Name the spot, add a photo, move the map to the exact location, add the fish that can be caught there and leave a comment or tip.

A spot has a 400m radius – any fish caught nearby in future will be added to the spot automatically.

Entering a spot


Edit or delete a spot that you created

Go to the spot and you’ll see an “Edit” button at the top right of the screen. Press to edit.

Edit a spot

You can also move to the bottom of the screen to see the “Delete Fishing Spot” button:

Delete a spot

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