Adding a catch + changing the time and place of a catch

Enter a new Catch by pressing the + button at the top right of the screen.

Enter a catch

When you enter a Catch, you can change the time and place.

Entering a Catch

Tap the map and a full page map opens

Full page map

Move the marker to the new position
Move the marker from your current position to where you made the Catch and press Done

Move the map marker

Tap the date to change when the Catch was made
Tap the date and you can change when you made the Catch.

Change Catch date

Then update the weather & tide
Switch the weather back on and the app will show the conditions at the time you made the Catch.

Update Catch weather

Share the Catch on Facebook & Twitter (if you want to)
Tap the Facebook and Twitter icons and they will go blue from grey – this means your Catch will be shared on social media.
By default, these buttons are grey meaning your Catch will not be shared.

Share Catch on social media

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