Fishing in Australia with Catchability

Do you go fishing in Australia? Then download Catchability:

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Catchability is the app for fishing in Australia – follow friends, follow fish, follows spots. Check out who’s catching what, where, when and how.  Check the weather, tides, moon phase and air pressure in the past, present and future!  And brag about it (if you want to).

Looking for the Shimano 52 Week Challenge? Download the app to enter.

52 Week Challenge

Follow a fish
Follow the species that you like to catch – find out who is catching them and where.

Follow a spot
Find out where to go fishing near you and which fish have been caught there.

Follow a person
What are your friends catching and where? Who’s caught the biggest, longest or the most?

Catchability iPhone App

Weather and tides
Check the weather and tides before you go.

Bag limits and pictures
Identify fish and check the current bag limits.

Bragging rights
Share your catches on social media (if you wish). Check the leaderboards to see who’s caught the most, biggest or longest fish in each fishing spot.

We really want to hear your feedback on Catchability version 1 – please send us your comments so we can include what you need in version 2.

Catch of the week

All catches in the app are eligible to win Catch of the week, here’s the latest winner: Pink Snapper caught by Reon Paniora.

Pink snapper

How to win Catch of the Week

It’s not always the biggest or heaviest that wins. When you enter a catch tell us your story – who were you with, what were the conditions like, what tackle did you use? And, most importantly, how did you feel?

Catchability is proudly Australian owned and operated. We fish these waters – just like you.

Now let’s go fishing!